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Bass Electronics Indonesia

Bass Electronics Indonesia is an engineering and contracting company based in Singapore, serving all of Indonesia and some other Asian countries as well as in Australia, serving the needs of the High Temperature Furnace and Boiler market. Established in 2005, from a modest beginning as a supplier in control & Instrumentation, Electrical field. Over the years this strong instrumentation company has established very close working relationships with international manufacturers, Engineering Firms and Trading Companies to provide a One Stop Engineering supply and solutions provider to these industries:
a. Oil and gas
b. Petrochemical
c. Power generation
d. Pulp and Paper
e. Marine
f. Fertilizer
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Bass Electronics of Malaysia

Bass Electronics Malaysia is highly experienced with furnace and boiler cameras and other Industrial electronics since 2003. Experienced Engineer on staff familiar with industries such as: Power generation, Pulp and Paper, Steel manufacture and Petroleum production and refining and refineries. Use the contact link to communicate all inquiries.
Bass Electronics USA

Bass Electronics Czech Republic/Central Europe

Bass Electronics Czech Republic is an engineering and contracting company based in Prerov, in the Czech Republic, serving the middle European countries, for all the needs of the High Temperature Furnace and Boiler market. Established in 2007, and serving in the Czech Republic as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Libya and Russia.

Bass Electronics Central and South America

BASS ELECTRONICS – LABCORR TECH provides professional sales and consulting services to industrial and commercial companies from regional offices in Texas and Florida, USA. Our experienced professionals work closely with facility owners and EDC in delivering cost-effective processes and solutions. We service clients in the marine, offshore, hydrocarbon processing, pipeline, offshore, liquid terminals, mining pulp/paper, marine, and manufacturing segments. For additional assistance, please contact tel: 1-844-845-0097                             Email:, Website:

1-225-751-9455 • 2839 Needham Dr. Baton Rouge, LA 70814, USA

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